Maker Faire

Filo's Workshop

Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Engineering


Location: Cypress Fun House

I have been designing, prototyping and manufacturing products for the past 30 years. See examples of the processes such as resin-molding and vacu-forming that I use to create prototypes and models.

My current personal projects include a Rocket Belt (flying) and a full-sized Lost In Space B9 Robot as an actual robot.

I often build model on all scales. There are three types: Looks-like models, Works-like models, and Looks-like/Works-like models.
For the rocket belt I check for inherent powered stability (can it hover) and dynamic stability (flight) and with models.


Presented by

Andrew Filo
Filo/Optum Corp

My goal has been to go from a concept or invention to a reality in the shortest time possible. I have a format small shop (10'x 12') equipped with select tabletop format machines. This allows me to reduce a prototype housing to reality in less than day (so I can meet Fedex). I have Invented or help develop a number of products including iCybie, Hitclips, Videonow, Soundbites, Toothtunes, Gamefinder jr, Petster, BlockBuster Win-In-A-Flash promotional game, and MANY more. My Current personal projects include a Rocket Belt (flying) and Full Sized Lost In Space B9 Robot as a Robot.