Maker Faire

Precision Woodworking Techniques for Interlocking Puzzles

Type: Presentation
Program Area: Arts

Day/Time: Saturday, April 22 4:00 PM (30 minutes)

Day/Time: (30 minutes)

Location: DIY Theatre

I plan to briefly discuss all of the steps involved in the manufacturing processes that I employ to make the world's most precisely built interlocking puzzles. Geared for the general hobbyist woodworker (rather than somebody who is already involved in puzzlemaking), I will be showing pictures, diagrams and videos of my machinery in action. It's going to be a lot of fun for everybody involved (even people who aren't overly interested in woodworking) and I'm hopeful that by the end of my talk, the "makers" in the audience will have picked up a few clever ideas about how they can improve upon the precision of their own projects.

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Lee Krasnow
Pacific Puzzleworks

I am a 26 year old puzzlemaker -- I design, make, and sell super precision wooden and metal interlocking puzzles and secret opening boxes. Several of my designs have won prominent recognition in elite puzzle competitions around the world, and I am widely regarded as one of the finest craftsmen and designers of mechanical puzzles alive today. My highly unusual profession requires that I am constantly adapting my production techniques in order to come up with clever ways to implement a wide range of diabolical mechanisms and mathematical interlocking principles. I combine traditional woodworking techniques with modern CNC metalworking technology, and have recently even begun to use rapid prototyping (3D printing) as a way to create jigs and other cutting fixtures which would otherwise be preventatively difficult to construct.