Maker Faire

Kaden Harris: Eccentric Genius and His Workshop from a Parallel Universe

Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Arts

Day/Time: Saturday and Sunday

Location: Cypress Fun House

Working under the name Eccentric Genius, Kaden combines improvisation and craftsmanship to create unusual versions of well-known objects as well as distinct creations all his own. Among the things he will exhibit are a carrot-chopping Guillotine and a Mechanical Theremin. He will also be working on a 1/2-scale blasterbeam bass instrument on site. It'll be electro acoustic and good for solid low frequency response down to about 30 hz. Kaden is also working on a book to be published by Make.

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Kaden Harris

I build antiques else. A parallel universe where Leonardo Da Vinci, John Cleese and Jimmy Neutron spend every Tuesday night playing poker with Sherlock Holmes, and the Victorian era 'gentleman inventor' still toils diligently in his potting shed laboratory.