Maker Faire

Musical Instruments for the Motorcycle Enthusiast.

Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Music

Day/Time: Sunday, April 23

Location: To be determined

Come see the Frankenbass, Venus de Moto, and the Wreck-n-Roll Cycle Pole. Come see and hear these unique musical instruments for yourself. Learn the history and evolution of the motorcycle upright bass and enjoy an eclectic musical performance. Ezra Daly - Motorcycle Bass Nick Mitchell - Ukulele Todd Smitherum - Xylophone

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Ezra Daly
Wreck-n-Roll Custom Instruments

Ezra Daly built the first motorcycle bass, the Frankenbass, out of necessity in 1996. This Moto-Guzzi bass was performed with Santa Cruz bands Buddys Riot and the Lee Maverick Band. Other electric basses built over the following decade have appeared throughout California with Green Means Go, the Hellbillys, the NickelAliens as well as the Woodbox Gang in Illinois. As these instruments gained popularity, Ezra formed Wreck-n-Roll Custom Instruments ( which provides both motorcycle instruments as well as music from the bands who play them.