Maker Faire

Homemade Microprocessor

Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Electronics


Location: Fiesta Hall

My students and I designed and built a homemade microprocessor. We used 1970s era TTL integrated circuits, prototyping boards and lots of wire and LEDs. It is Turing complete, and executes a machine language of our design consisting of register, ALU and branching ops. We intentionally designed it from the ground up and eschewed any CAD aids or prior literature. It is a work of art and love.

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Reid Ginoza
Joe Holt
Eben Packwood
Angela Traficante
Forrest England
Owen Cartwright

* Reid Ginoza is a freshman at Bennington College studying Dance, taking Drama classes and learning percussion, much to the displeasure of his family. He grew up watching the sunsets over Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. * Joe Holt is the Computing coach at Bennington College. Before this, he was a Senior Computer Scientist at Apple Computer, where he co-wrote iMovie and worked on OS X. * Eben Packwood is a senior at Bennington College where he studied Literature and Mathematics. In the future he hopes to work at as a reference librarian or an archivist. * Angela Traficante is a freshman at Bennington College currently studying Lighting Design, Literature and Computing. She grew up in the Boston area and, aside from building complex electronics projects, enjoys reading, writing and gardening.