Maker Faire

Stanford Product Design Lab: Robot Hockey Shoot-out

Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Robotics

Day/Time: Saturday, April 22

Location: Competitions

This competition is a demonstration of work being done at Stanford University’s Smart Product Design Lab, a graduate level mechatronics and embedded systems laboratory. The SPDL Robot Shoot-out is a hockey style shoot-out competition between two fully autonomous wheeled robots. A match consists of a pair of small autonomous robots alternating between offense and defense, trying to shoot small NERF balls into the opponent’s goal and then attempting to block the other robot’s following shot. A series of bots implementing a variety of strategies and hardware designs will compete in a short tournament.

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Prof. Ed Carryer
current SPDL students and TA's
The design teams are made up of current first and second year grad students from the Design Division of Stanford's Mechanical Engineering Department.