Maker Faire

Bazaar Bizarre

Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Craft

All Day Saturday and Sunday

Location: Crafters Midway

The Bazaar Bizarre craft fair is coming the Maker Faire! Event founder Greg der Ananian says, "Dissatisfied with stencils of country ducks and painted wooden slices of watermelon, I decided to use what I'd learned as a child to express my own interests. To my surprise and delight, a lot of my friends were experiencing the same kind of personal renaissance. How exactly to share these objets de craft was a project upon which we embarked. The result? Bazaar Bizarre." See more info and a full list of vendors here!

Saturday April 22, 2006 10:00-6:00
Sunday April 23, 2006 10:00-5:00

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Leah Kramer & Bazaar Bizarre Team