Maker Faire

Squid Labs: Laser Cutter, SmartRope and Instructables

Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Engineering

Day/Time: Saturday and Sunday

Location: Sequoia Hall

Squid Labs will be showing off their laser cutting work, large-format printing, SmartRope,

A laser cutter is 45 Watts of pure cutting power. It slices, it dices, it makes french fries 20 different ways! The system can cut two-dimensional patterns into wood, plastic, paper, foil, chocolate, glass, cake, etc. We'll be engraving our faces into the sides of pumpkins, making origami, designing microfluidic chips, and anything else that we happen to come up with while fooling around.

What do you get when you combine the Gutenberg Project's text repository with a 43" large format printer? A single page book! Come help us print out all of Alice in Wonderland as a single wall-spanning work of art.

Squid Labs has developed a smartRope technology (a rope that senses electronically how much it's being pulled on) and we'll be building a gigantic harp out of the ropes. You can make music while climbing!

One of the best parts of building stuff yourself is sharing what you've done with the world. Instructables ( is a community website where people document what they've made, share their ideas, and collaborate on building ever better projects. We'll have a large screen showing off some of the best projects and we'll do some quick walk-throughs on using the system.

We'll bring random tools, materials, electronics, equipment, and while hanging out we will inevitably start building something. Feel free to provide advice, support, or inspiration. Oh yeah, and we'll also have some really big kites!

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Presented by

Colin Bulthaup

Colin Bulthaup is a member of Squid Labs.