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Using PC technologies in Robots for Teaching Computer Science

Type: Presentation
Program Area: Computers

Day/Time: Saturday, April 22 11:30 AM (60 minutes)

Day/Time: (60 minutes)

Location: Makeshift Theatre

We face a crisis in the software industry: where are the computer science students of tomorrow? There is a shocking decline in attraction and retention of such students at university level in the US. In talking with CS faculty and students, we have found that exciting applications such as robotics and computer gaming can enhance the computer science curriculum, raising attraction and retention figures, and bringing other benefits in such areas as diversity and quality of learning. This talk will focus on what we have learned about robotics in CS, what are the challenges, and how we plan to work with academia to take things forward, leveraging the massive economies of scale found in the PC industry to bring compelling robotics into the CS classroom and perhaps beyond.
30-45 min

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Presented by

Stewart Tansley
Program Manager
Microsoft Corporation

I'm responsible for Robotics and Embedded Systems in Microsoft Research, working in the External Research and Programs department, where we partner with universities for research and innovative teaching. In my spare time I enjoy hobby robotics, with a particular interest in exploring how to make robotics simpler and more accessible, yet also more compelling and interesting for all enthusiasts.