Maker Faire

Surf and Turf

Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Hacking

Day/Time: Saturday and Sunday

Location: Outside Maker

My daughter Veronica and I assembled 180 feet of copper pipe that fits into our backyard barbeque grill. When connected to the pool pump, we are able to heat our 8000 gal in ground pool from 63F to 92F in about 3 days.

We just wanted a simple way to heat our pool once or twice over the holidays during the winter in Mesa, Arizona. Our grill project worked, and we have used it for 2 seasons now. The best part is that the assembled copper coils can be removed from the grill and the grill is back to cooking hotdogs and hamburgers in less than 3 minutes.

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Todd Harrison has a BS in Physics Engineering from North Dakota State University (NDSU) 1993. He currently works as an Oracle Database Administrator for Business Integration Group in Tempe, AZ.

Veronica Harrison, his daughter, is an 8th grader.