Maker Faire

Denver Mad Scientists Club

Type: Presentation
Program Area: Electronics

Day/Time: Saturday, April 22 1:30 PM (30 minutes)

Day/Time: (30 minutes)

Location: DIY Theatre

A photo essay of the Denver Area Mad ScIentist Club (DAMSIC) and their projects over the years. Kinetics vehicles, Cardboard Derby, Jack-O-Launch, Critter Crunch, air cannons of various caliber, black powder cannons, tesla coils, Jacob's Ladders,and others.

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John Morse
Dubach Tool Company

I've been a tool maker for around 25 years making prototypes and pre-production to short run tooling for the computer, aerospace, and medical fields. I'm a founding member of the Denver Area Mad ScIentist Club (DAMSIC) We are the grandfathers of robot fighting according to the book "Gearheads, The Turbulent Rise of Robot Fighting". I've been running the Critter Crunch, our robot fighting contest since 1988.