Maker Faire

The Big Playground

Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Science


Location: To be determined

A hole drilled into a grain of sand portrays the vastness of the universe and how much opportunity there is to find other planets just like earth. In our daily lives, where personailities, companies and governments seem vast and powerful, The Big Playground puts it all into perspective.

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Daniel Goods
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Creating a pipe organ out of soda pop bottles, gardening at the Huntington Gardens and designing a four-dimensional object has lead me to my current position as an artist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Here I am developing ways of communicating JPL missions to the general public as well as scientists and engineers. Much of my work has been with the Terrestrial Planet Finder Mission which hopes to find another planet like earth. Before JPL I studied graphic design at the Art Center College of Design where I received a fellowship to work at Caltech. Working with David Kremers, the Conceptual Artist at Caltech, I developed a visual search engine to help developmental biology researchers understand the developing mouse. My research included swimming like an otter and taking imagery of objects exhibiting transparency and iridescence. I now live in South Pasadena California with my wife and soon to be 3 children.