Maker Faire

Watch Box

Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Engineering

Day/Time: Saturday and Sunday

Location: Fiesta Hall

The “Watch Box” (pat pend) is a standalone device originally designed to protect boats and RV’s, mainly for family and friends that were being burglarized or tagged all the time. That is the reason it is built into a fishing tackle box: it blends in. It has an infrared motion sensor located on the front, which gives a 40’ by 40’ protection zone.

The invention has evolved into a programmable, interactive protection device. The watch box can monitor, and in some cases alleviate, the problem by sensing a problem and switching on the appropriate pump or exhaust fan, or activate a phone dialer.

I will have two units to demo with at least three displays on different option sensors. This will show how the “Watch Box” can solve some common problems.

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Presented by

Brian Benson
R&D Technician
Formfactor Inc.

I have been working in the electronics field for over 28 years. I started at Atari, trouble shooting game PCB's for 3 years. My career went into computer and Periphial service for the next 10 years with companies like Xerox, Diablo Systems and Fortune Systems. Equipment maintenance and Vacuum systems were the next adventures in my career, that went on for 12 or so years. I am now working in an Advanced Development Laboratory, at a Semiconductor company, where I modify and automate equipment to meet the Engineers requirenments. I am also responsible for the instalation and maintenance of all the equipment in the Lab.