Maker Faire

Scientific Frolick

Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Science

Day/Time: Saturday and Sunday

Location: Fiesta Hall

A selection of exhibits from a science fair as it would have been done in the early 1800's. May include plans for the first submarine designed by Mr. Robert Fulton, the science of mesmerism, creating life after the theories of Doctor Frankenstein, carnivorous plants and/or the art of leechcraft. We can offer short presentations at the exhibit site to engage onlookers.

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Bay Area English Regency Society

The Bay Area English Regency Society ( celebrates the spirit of the early nineteenth century. The English Regency, familiar to us from the works not only of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer but C. S. Forester, Patrick O'Brian, and Tim Powers, was a spirited time bubbling over with creative energy in the arts and sciences, and yet a time when wit and grace were highly valued. For more than twenty years we've been making our own costumes and inviting people to join us at literary salons, science fairs, dances and dinners and doing other cool stuff just the way they would have done it 200 years ago. We explore the world of the 1800's in a style as historically accurate as possible, without being stuffy.