Maker Faire

The Elevator Entertainment Project

Type: Presentation
Program Area: Arts

Day/Time: Sunday, April 23 12:00 PM (30 minutes)

Day/Time: (30 minutes)

Location: Make Theatre

Are your elevator rides getting you down? Time between floors becoming a snore? Learn how to push a whole new set of buttons with Clint M Chilcott's Elevator Entertainment Project. We'll be learning how to use iTunes, Skype, speakerphones, and lockpicks to take an elevator ride to the wildside. Go from floor nine to party time in no time!

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Presented by

Clint M Chilcott
The Ominous Moo

Clint M Chilcott is currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee where he spent his first two years developing a firm foundation in film and video before switching to the digital integrated arts program. As host of the Ominous Moo Podcast he shares his love for technology by presenting his off-the-wall inventions and wacky ideas to his viewers. His recent and upcoming works will showcase his over the top theatrics and unique sense of humor while pushing the boundaries of personal and public space.