Maker Faire

3D Printing Art

Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Arts

Day/Time: Saturday and Sunday

Location: To be determined

Learn how to sculpt with 3D printing. I make sculpture by designing it in CAD software and building it on 3D printers. I've brought many pieces printed in different materials (wax, metal, plastic, plaster), from tiny jewelry to larger pieces, along with some of the tools I use to design and finish them. I'm here to show how 3D printing can build incredible objects that other technologies can't handle, and also give some pointers on what technologies are cheapest and most useful for making things.

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Bathsheba Grossman
3D Printing Art
Bathsheba Sculpture LLC

I'm a geometrical sculptor, making small complicated metal objects by using CAD design with 3D printing. There's a bunch about me at -- that might be the quickest way to get the gist -- and I was in the Makers book. I make and sell art full-time now, working out of a ten-foot shed and a computer in my living room. I started out with a freeware design program and some cheap 3D prints made of cornstarch, and things just mushroomed from there.