Maker Faire


Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Robotics


Location: To be determined

Blinkybugs are simple, electro-mechanical insect-scultpures that respond to subtle air currents, movement, and vibrations by blinking their LED eyes. While this behavior gives them a somehwat lifelike appearance, their functionality is incredibly simple, and they can be easily constructed from just a few electronic components.

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Ken Murphy

I'm a web developer working in the public broadcasting industry by day, and by night a musician, tinkerer, and pursuer of a variety of technical/creative projects. Most of my creative energy over the years has gone into composition, recording, and performing of a range of music, from loud rock bands to more experimental electronic stuff, as well the development of experimental gestural MIDI instruments. More recently I've taken an interest in the hardware end of things, including robotics, programming microcontrollers, and electronics.