Maker Faire

Red Eye Goggles

Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Hacking


Location: To be determined

The main attraction of my booth will be a low-tech device of my own invention called Red Eye Goggles. When a person puts on the goggles and looks at the eyes of another person, he sees real-life red eye, the kind normally only seen in flash photography.
The cause of red eye in photography is the proximity of the flash to the central axis of the lens of the camera - the closer the flash is to the lens, the more light reflecting off the retinas makes it back to the lens.

The Red Eye Goggles work on the same principle. Two ultra-bright LED's are placed as close as possible to the central axis of the lenses in the eyes of the person who wears to goggles, and thus serve to illuminate the retinas of the subject.

I would like to offer the goggles at my booth both for demonstration and for purchase (a small price-maybe $10).

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Rebecca Hinden
Onomy Labs

I am a recently graduated art school student trying to make my way in the world. This has so far meant living at my parents' house and fixing old motorcycles. However, I am now ready to break out into the art/nerd scene and show my stuff.