Wendy Tremayne

Wendy is an event producer, conceptual artist, and yoga teacher. Her latest project, Swap-O-Rama-Rama, is a community clothing swap and series of DIY workshops that she created as an alternative to consumerism. Wendy lives in Truth or Consequences, N.M. Visit her at gaiatreehouse.com and swaporamarama.org.

Author of these Magazine Articles

Homemade Goat Cheese
Fermenting your own cheese is easier than you think.
In DIY: Kitchen from MAKE: 22: Remote Control / Wireless page 116

Elemental Knowledge
Think you’ve mastered fire? Make and use a bow drill.
In DIY: Outdoors from MAKE: 21: Desktop Manufacturing page 123

A Party Clean Enough for Gaia
The Purple Fig makes green cleaning accessible for all.
In Re: Fitted from CRAFT: 10: Celebrate! page 152

Life Cycle
The I ♥ Roswell project: It’s free, adapted, and homegrown.
In Re: Fitted from CRAFT: 09: Crafting Green page 150

Whimsies in Wool
Peggy Campbell's rugs give old sweaters a new purpose.
In Re: Fitted from CRAFT: 08: Weaving page 152

Journey of the Yosegire Quilt
An ancient technique makes its way around the globe.
In Re: Fitted from CRAFT: 07: Shoes page 152

Under Rusted Stars
Something downright magical happens when the right gleaner and the right piece of junk find one another.
In Re: Fitted from CRAFT: 06: Play page 152

Bra Conversion
From bras to over-the-shoulder holders.
In Re: Fitted from CRAFT: 05: Paper page 152

Plastik Wev: A Playful Journey in the Web of Public Space
How to make "Wevs" made out of plastic bags and decorate a public space.
In Re: Fitted from CRAFT: 04: Costumes page 168

Natural Boundaries
Foraging Mother Nature to re-create.
In Re: Fitted from CRAFT: 03: Japanese Influence page 12

Tough Textile à la Trash Bag
Plastic bags morph into a rugged new material.
In Re: Fitted from CRAFT: 02: Creative Clones page 12