Susan Brackney

Susan is an avid crafter and the author of The Lost Soul Companion as well as the sequel, The Not-So-Lost Soul Companion.

Author of these Magazine Articles

Weaving in 3D
Martina Celerin's "dimensional weavings" look remarkably true to life, and that's no accident.
In Handmade from CRAFT: 10: Celebrate! page 16

Bottle Cap Madness
Make magnets, jewelry, and more with these underappreciated nuggets.
In Recycle It from CRAFT: 08: Weaving page 148

Cut Paper Mosaic
Make a durable mosaic on the cheap with paper and glue.
In DIY: Tile It from CRAFT: 05: Paper page 104

Eggcentric Art
Paul "Eggman" Wirhun saves the world with his mad egg-batik skills.
From CRAFT: 02: Creative Clones page 26

Pagan Eggcraft
Attract good health, happiness, and love with these do-it-yourself talismans.
In DIY: Embellish It from CRAFT: 02: Creative Clones page 103