Rob Nance

Illustrator for these Magazine Articles

Nellie Bly Smoker
Make a hot/cold food smoker from a 55-gallon steel drum.
In Projects from MAKE: 32: Design for Makers page 94

Build your own automatic tennis ball launcher for dogs.
From MAKE: 31: Punk Science page 98

Traditional Cigar Box Guitar
Hand-rolled music.
In Music from MAKE: schoolsout: School's Out page 48

The Towel
Build a robust R/C flying-wing airplane that's fun to fly and great to learn on.
From MAKE: 30: Smarter Homes page 82

Tiny Wanderer
Starter robot autonomously navigates with a $2 microcontroller.
From MAKE: 29: DIY Superhuman page 88

Geiger Counter
This radiation detector clicks, flashes, logs radioactivity levels, and shares its data with the world.
From MAKE: 29: DIY Superhuman page 100

Gigantic Bubble Generator
Arduino-controlled Bubblebot blows enormous, undulating soap bubbles.
From MAKE: 28: Toys and Games page 94

Go-anywhere, instantly updatable glowing digital message board.
From MAKE: 27: Robots page 92

Secret Knock Gumball Machine
Make a cute candy vending machine that only dispenses treats when you knock the secret rhythm on its front panel.
From MAKE: 25: Microcontrollers and Arduino page 92

Make a mechanical strobe with a toy motor and construction paper, pair it with a digital SLR camera, and take stunning photographs of objects in motion.
From MAKE: 24: Space page 90

The Most Useless Machine
Make a machine that, when you flip the switch on, an arm reaches out of a door to turn the switch back off.
From MAKE: 23: Gadgets page 94

Traditional Cigar Box Guitar
Build this 3-string instrument that requires a minimum of tools and parts, yet sounds great.
From MAKE: 21: Desktop Manufacturing page 76

The Autophenakistoscope
Motorize a 19th-century parlor novelty, and keep its frames synched to an LED strobe by using a sensor and an Arduino microcontroller.
From MAKE: 20: For Kids of All Ages page 100

The Make: Mech
Mr. Roboto: Cut and fold your own paper bot!
From MAKE: 19: Robots page 45