Nat Wilson-Heckathorn

Photographer for these Magazine Articles

LED Hula Hoop
Wow your friends and show off your dancing skills with your very own light-up hula hoop!
In Electronics from MAKE: schoolsout: School's Out page 79

Jam Jar Lanterns
Set your party mood with sublime lighting.
From CRAFT: 10: Celebrate! page 70

Hydroponic Veggie Garden
Grow your own with this compact system, perfect for the urban gardener.
From CRAFT: 09: Crafting Green page 58

Mosaic Masterpiece
Bedeck a wooden table with your old (but meaningful) plates and ceramics.
From CRAFT: 09: Crafting Green page 82

Miniaturize your favorite tree with this ancient art.
In 101 from CRAFT: 08: Weaving page 134

Herbal Tinctures
How to blend your own folk medicines.
In DIY: Extract It from CRAFT: 07: Shoes page 106

LED Hula Hoop
Wire a hoop to put some spark in your swivel.
From CRAFT: 06: Play page 54

Marzipan Cake Decorations
Transform a cake from dull to delightful with unique edible sculptures.
In Quick Craft from CRAFT: 05: Paper page 25