Goli Mohammadi

Goli is senior editor of MAKE and CRAFT.

Author of these Magazine Articles

Fast & Furious Fuselage
Five young makers built the Viper, a full-motion flight simulator built into the fuselage of a Piper PA-28 plane.
In Made on Earth from MAKE: 32: Design for Makers page 25

Mad Props
An exclusive interview with Shawn Thorsson.
In Features from MAKE: 32: Design for Makers page 28

Workshop: Shawn Thorsson
Down a dusty road in the eggs-and-butter town of Petaluma, Calif., sits a big, handmade pink Victorian complete with chicken coop, storage containers, vintage cars, and Thorsson's badass workshop, where fantasy comes to life.
In Workshop from MAKE: 32: Design for Makers page 38

Queen of Caulk
California artist Tramaine de Senna spent three full months (about 800 hours) working on her “I Love Caulk Frosting” series.
In Made on Earth from MAKE: 31: Punk Science page 18

Young Maker Profile: Joey Hudy
When Joey Hudy went to his first Maker Faire he had no idea it would lead to meeting the president of the U.S.
In Maker from MAKE: schoolsout: School's Out page 93

Young Maker Profile: Andrew Katz
Andrew combined ultrasonic sensors, an Arduino microcontroller, and his laptop to create his Notify Me Now stealth home security system that alerts him that alerts him whenever a sensor is tripped.
In Maker from MAKE: schoolsout: School's Out page 94

Stick City
Scott Weaver made a giant sculpture of San Francisco out of toothpicks, called "Rolling Through the Bay."
In Made on Earth from MAKE: 30: Smarter Homes page 18

Notify Me Now!
One young maker's home security system.
From MAKE: 30: Smarter Homes page 59

Organ Donor
Multitalented maker Matthew Borgatti built a MIDI-powered organ.
In Made on Earth from MAKE: 29: DIY Superhuman page 23

Gnarly Biogenesis
Greek artist Achilles Kapsalis breathes wicked new life into animal bones, resurrecting them as fierce, bionic creatures born of his imagination.
In Made on Earth from MAKE: 28: Toys and Games page 20

Orbital Illusion
Fairgoers at the 2010 Bay Area Maker Faire were mesmerized by a massive, steel-and-glass orrery gently rotating in the main hall.
In Made on Earth from MAKE: 26: Karts and Wheels page 24

Warm Glow of Abduction
Jason Dietz makes lamps that depict a classic flying saucer shooting down a giant plasma ray and pulling up an unsuspecting victim into the ship.
In Made on Earth from MAKE: 24: Space page 18

Seriously Heavy Metal
Engineer and musician Tristan Shone conceives and machines instruments that extrude deep, dark sounds rich with texture and emotion.
In Maker from MAKE: 22: Remote Control / Wireless page 30

Cool beats, aged brass, an analog synth kit, and a guide to surviving the apocalypse (steampunk style).
In Toolbox from MAKE: 17: Lost Knowledge page 168

Who Doesn’t Love Stickers?
Mrs. Grossman's sticker company continues to thrive after 30 colorful years.
From CRAFT: 10: Celebrate! page 32

Magnetic tacks, a doorbell for your cubicle, science for the hungry, and lessons from the Game of Life.
In Toolbox from MAKE: 16: Spy Tech page 176

Interstellar Visions
South of Tucson, Ariz., a science enthusiast has been collecting moonlight.
In Made on Earth from MAKE: 15: Music page 21

Weaver of Illusions
Fused glass artist Randy Comer makes pieces that evoke aboriginal textiles from around the world.
In Handmade from CRAFT: 08: Weaving page 20

All the awl you'll need, a kit to build your own yo-yo, wireless SD memory cards, and the maker before MacGyver.
In Toolbox from MAKE: 13: Magic page 190

Crafty goods we adore.
In Bazaar from CRAFT: 04: Costumes page 156

Crafty goods we adore.
In Bazaar from CRAFT: 03: Japanese Influence page 146

Faux taxidermy, fabric brain art, river-rock ceramics, blown-glass rayguns, and Burning Man's favorite 80-foot flower.
In Handmade from CRAFT: 02: Creative Clones page 14

The best tools, software, gadgets, books, magazines, and websites.
In Toolbox from MAKE: 06: Robots page 174

Photographer for these Magazine Articles

New Resolutions
Learn a new skill, teach a new skill.
In Maker's Corner from MAKE: 24: Space page 32

Mosaic Masterpiece
Bedeck a wooden table with your old (but meaningful) plates and ceramics.
From CRAFT: 09: Crafting Green page 82