Dustin Hostetler

Both motivated and broke, Dustin loves club soda, the color yellow, cats and dogs equally, and any tree with a treehouse. A prolific illustrator, this Toledo, Ohio, native just started a design studio with his wife (studiosansnom.com) and is the publisher of the annual art magazine Faesthetic. He also admits to holding grudges, so be careful about criticizing club soda in his presence.

Illustrator for these Magazine Articles

Craft With Caution
A few preventative steps can help ward off injury.
From CRAFT: 07: Shoes page 34

Make a real boomerang out of cardboard and foam rubber.
In 123 from MAKE: 12: Upload page 77

Easy Motor
Make a spinning motor with a minimum of parts.
In 123 from MAKE: 11: Alt Vehicles page 126

Tabletop Biosphere
The Tabletop Shrimp Support Module (TSSM) is a fun demonstration of the ecological cycles that keep us alive.
From MAKE: 10: Home Electronics page 110