Dale Dougherty

Dale Dougherty is the founder, President & CEO of Maker Media, Inc. in Sebastopol, CA. Maker Media produces Make Magazine, which launched in 2005, and Maker Faire, which was held first in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006. MAKE has been the catalyst for a worldwide Maker Movement that is transforming innovation in industry, hands-on learning in education and the personal lives of makers of all ages. MAKE invites everyone to become a maker, and integrate creative goals with technical skills. Dougherty was a co-founder of O’Reilly Media, where he was the first editor of their computing trade books, and developed GNN in 1993, the first commercial website. He coined Web 2.0 in 1993. MAKE started at O’Reilly Media and spun out as its own company in January 2013. He grew up in Louisville, KY.

Author of these Magazine Articles

Good Design Gets Out of the Way
Arduino's Massimo Banzi on interaction design.
In Features from MAKE: 32: Design for Makers page 56

A Summer of Making
For all kids, time spent outside of school is as important, if not more so, than time inside school.
In Welcome from MAKE: schoolsout: School's Out page 6

Experiment on Yourself
History is full of quirky tales of scientists who were first in line to try their own experiments.
In Welcome from MAKE: 29: DIY Superhuman page 11

Toy Stories
This Toys and Games issue of MAKE is filled with fun projects to make that just might inspire you to see the world differently — as something you can shape, mold, shrink, and hack.
In Welcome from MAKE: 28: Toys and Games page 11

Building Robots that Play
Like dogs, robots are becoming our companions, demonstrating the ability to learn new routines that make us happy.
In Welcome from MAKE: 27: Robots page 11

The Little Engine That Could
An Arduino board is cheap enough that you wouldn't feel bad breaking it, burning it up, or leaving it behind in a project.
In Welcome from MAKE: 25: Microcontrollers and Arduino page 10

Open Sourcing Space
The U.S. space program that I grew up with is gone. Yet our fascination with space is not.
In Welcome from MAKE: 24: Space page 1

Kid Robot
Young makers are seizing breakout opportunities on the wild frontier of Detroit.
In Maker from MAKE: 23: Gadgets page 30

Much More to Do
Five years in, MAKE is just getting started.
In Welcome from MAKE: 21: Desktop Manufacturing page 1

Learn by Making
Tom Zimmerman has volunteered in San Jose, Calif., schools, engaging students in hands-on activities and teaching science and technology.
From MAKE: 20: For Kids of All Ages page 13

Getting Back to Nuts and Bolts
Actor John Ratzenberger wants to see every kid become a hands-on maker.
From MAKE: 20: For Kids of All Ages page 86

Welcome: ReMake America
Makers are the best hope for the future.
In Welcome from MAKE: 18: ReMake America page 1

What’s in Your Garage?
We see solutions to big problems coming from innovative makers working in their basements, garages, and workshops.
In Maker from MAKE: 18: ReMake America page 36

Tool Library
Dustin Zuckerman is putting his tools into circulation.
In Maker from MAKE: 18: ReMake America page 38

Wireless signal detector for the paranoid, a fire-powered soak, iPhone hacks, and tales of sustainability.
In Toolbox from MAKE: 18: ReMake America page 156

The Power of Steam
A steam-powered sawmill survives.
From MAKE: 17: Lost Knowledge page 52

The $4,000 handmade rattle.
In Changes from CRAFT: 10: Celebrate! page 13

The Visible Hand
The DIY mindset must again become an essential life skill.
In Welcome from MAKE: 16: Spy Tech page 13

The First Picture Show
Jack Judson reveals the beginnings of the entertainment industry at his Magic Lantern Castle Museum.
In Maker from MAKE: 16: Spy Tech page 28

24 Hours of Make: Television
Building a TV show is a project in itself.
In Maker from MAKE: 16: Spy Tech page 34

Sharing the Adventure
Make's publisher Dale Dougherty talks about the beauty of sharing between makers.
In Welcome from MAKE: 15: Music page 12

Dirty Car Art
Scott Wade wanted to do better than write "Wash Me" in the dust of dirty cars... so he drew caricatures.
In Made on Earth from MAKE: 14: Optics page 23

The Cathedral and Bazaar Bizarre
Bazaar Bizarre is helping to introduce open source crafting, where shared ideas help to expand our skills and improve craft quality for all.
In Welcome to Craft from CRAFT: 07: Shoes page 10

Slow Made: Take It Easy
A proposal to use "slow made" to identify the work of makers.
In Welcome from MAKE: 13: Magic page 10

Post-Industrial Idyll
The 2007 Robodock festival in Amsterdam.
From MAKE: 13: Magic page 46

What Are You Doing for Halloween?
Welcome: Why we're fiends for the holiday made for makers.
From MAKE: halloween2007: Halloween page 8

Howling Yeti
How we combined live theater and special effects to create a fun-filled community haunted house.
From MAKE: halloween2007: Halloween page 10

Propeller Chip
BASIC Stamp's Chip Gracey puts a new spin on microcontrollers.
From MAKE: 10: Home Electronics page 76

Get started in electronics, eliminate red eye the old-school way, and touch up your walls with the screw of a lid.
In Toolbox from MAKE: 10: Home Electronics page 168

Read about crop circles, make your own temporary tattoos, and take crystal-clear photos with a circular polarizing filter.
In Toolbox from MAKE: 09: Fringe page 172

Follow the Bouncing Ball Download PDF.Download Sample PDF
Pinball's magic juju and the unanticipated effect of one thing on another.
In Welcome from MAKE: 08: Toys and Games page 11

Heavy Lifting
Placing huge towers up a mountain is just the start to reaching Troy Caldwell's ski-resort-on-a-budget dream.
From MAKE: 08: Toys and Games page 38


Pinball, Resurrected by Bill Bumgarner (pg. 66)

Restoring a crusty, beat-up Cyclone.

Pinheads in Oddball Places by Dale Dougherty (pg. 74)

Inside the electromechanical underground, with Lucky Ju Ju and the Pinball Hall of Fame.

From MAKE: 08: Toys and Games page 66

Create your own computer games, discover magnetic attractions, and become a paper airplane champion. Plus: Recommendations from kids, and from and the designers at Wild Planet.
In Toolbox from MAKE: 08: Toys and Games page 168

Genuine Ingenuity
True stories and authentic experiences at the first annual Maker Faire.
From MAKE: 07: Backyard Biology page 48

Tones Dem Tones, Damn Ringtones
Shouldn't people make their own ringtones, not buy them?
In Welcome from MAKE: 06: Robots page 11

On to Year Two
A look back on our exciting first year.
In Welcome from MAKE: 05: Science, Weather, and Outdoors page 11

The best tools, software, gadgets, books, magazines, and websites.
In Toolbox from MAKE: 05: Science, Weather, and Outdoors page 172

Kits For The Holidays
Our guide to the coolest kits to make and give.
From MAKE: 04: Music and Kits for the Holidays page 64

Tea Leaves: Wabi-Sabi
The Japanese have a deeper appreciation for things humble and handmade.
From MAKE: 04: Music and Kits for the Holidays page 184

Treasure Trove
Lindsay Publications' unique catalog of hard-to-find lore.
In Blast from the Past from MAKE: 04: Music and Kits for the Holidays page 186

Maker Friendly
Dale Dougherty wonders what would it mean for products to be more maker friendly, not just user friendly.
From MAKE: 03: Cars and Halloween page 7

Ooz and Oz
Hacking robot toys is all in a day's work for Natalie Jeremijenko. Dale Dougherty trails the UCSD professor for a day of fun at the races, transforming toy robotic dogs into environmental avengers.
In Maker from MAKE: 02: Home Entertainment page 22

Google DIY Patterns
A DIY project is a design challenge that can best be described as a set of patterns, just as Google remade the web with a new kind of language for getting what we want from a web browser.
From MAKE: 02: Home Entertainment page 39

The making of Make: Publisher and Editor Dale Dougherty presents the philosophy of MAKE in a nutshell: We're all Makers now.
In Welcome from MAKE: 01: Make Premiere page 7

Crack Open an iPAQ
Replacing your PDA's battery requires the proper knowledge, adequate courage, and a set of Torx screwdrivers.
In DIY: Home Entertainment from MAKE: 01: Make Premiere page 119

Photographer for these Magazine Articles

The Power of Steam
A steam-powered sawmill survives.
From MAKE: 17: Lost Knowledge page 52

MAKE: Online Extras

Unsafe At Any Amperage?
Behind the scenes of our high-voltage dilemma: whether to publish a dangerously cool project in MAKE magazine's "Fringe" issue.
by Tom Anderson, Gareth Branwyn, Shawn Connally, Dale Dougherty, Mark Frauenfelder, Joe Grand, Saul Griffith, William Gurstelle, Bunnie Huang, Tom Igoe, Mister Jalopy, Steve Lodefink, John MacNeill, David Pescovitz, Charles Platt, Paul Spinrad, Phillip Torrone; March 16, 2007