Anna Dilemna

Anna is a doll maker and writer at

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Spynning Stories
A new invention records sounds, images, and more onto knitted objects.
From CRAFT: 08: Weaving page 32

Frank Gehry popularized cardboard furniture in the 70s, and now it's making a comeback.
From CRAFT: 06: Play page 32

Make a sturdy yet stylish kid-sized chair out of cardboard.
In DIY: Build It from CRAFT: 06: Play page 94

Not Your Grandpa's Embroidery Download PDF.Download Sample PDF
Modern men enjoy a craft that wasn't always thought of as "women's work."
From CRAFT: 04: Costumes page 38

Seven Handsome Men Who Craft
If you're a man who crafts in Tokyo, join the club!
From CRAFT: 03: Japanese Influence page 56