MAKE 32: Design for Makers

Forget duct tape and baling wire — now makers can design and manufacture things as beautiful as Apple and as slick as Dyson and Audi. We’ll show you how to conceive and visualize great-looking projects with our speed course in industrial design — then build them with tools like vacuum forming and laser cutting, and finish them with cases and interfaces that are artful, ergonomic, and irresistible.

Plus you'll get 23 great DIY projects like the Nellie Bly Smoker, the Awesome Button, the World Control Panel, LED Little Big Lamp, Laminar-Flow Water Fountain, and Keyless Lock Box, and meet amazing makers like costumer Shawn Thorsson, flying motorcycle builder Deszo Molnar, and more.

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Table of Contents

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Made on Earth

» Transparent Exploration by Arwen O'Reilly Griffith

Mika Aoki makes glass art inspired by mold spores, viruses, plants, life, and death. Page 20

» The Stuffing of Dreams by Gregory Hayes

Wendy Tsao brings children's artword to huggable life as toys, with her small business, Child's Own Studio. Page 22

» Let's Dance by Craig Couden

Dodecaudion is a gesture-based, spatial interface that allows performers to create music by moving hands or other body parts around the 12-sided structure. Page 23

» Shredding the Chopper by Laura Kiniry

San Francisco musician Michael Gaughan builds crazy guitars to play on tour with his metal/punk/rock band. Page 24

» Fast & Furious Fuselage by Goli Mohammadi

Five young makers built the Viper, a full-motion flight simulator built into the fuselage of a Piper PA-28 plane. Page 25

» A Way with Wood by Arwen O'Reilly Griffith

Christoph Finkel creates masterfully carved vessels that are profoundly indebted to the wood they're carved from. Page 26

» Tall Drink of Water by Laura Cochrane

Tropism Well is an interactive sculpture that senses when someone is near and bows to pour water into a glass. Page 27


» Fast Toy Wood Car by Ed Lewis

A toy car that's easy to make and has lots of room for play, in terms of design. Page 147

» Label-Etch a Glass Bottle by Sean Michael Ragan

Here's a simple trick I discovered for etching designs on glass bottles using the bottle's label as a built-in resist. Page 157


» Our New Look, By Design by Mark Frauenfelder

Inspired by what we’ve seen at hackerspaces and Maker Faires around the world, we explore “design for makers” in this issue. Page 9


» The {Unspoken} Rules of Open Source Hardware by Phillip Torrone

I spend most of my days working on open source hardware in some way, and I want to talk about some of the unspoken rules we all seem to follow. Page 12

Making it Legal

» Protecting Your Ideas by Ryan P.C. Lawson

If you want to sell your ideas or create a community of sharing around them, you’ll want to make sure you properly protect them first. Page 17

Maker's Calendar

» Maker's Calendar by William Gurstelle

Our favorite events from around the world. Page 19


» Mad Props by Goli Mohammadi

An exclusive interview with Shawn Thorsson. Page 28


» Workshop: Shawn Thorsson by Goli Mohammadi

Down a dusty road in the eggs-and-butter town of Petaluma, Calif., sits a big, handmade pink Victorian complete with chicken coop, storage containers, vintage cars, and Thorsson's badass workshop, where fantasy comes to life. Page 38


» The Titan of Toy Invention by Bob Knetzger

Marvin Glass was the man behind Mouse Trap, Operation, Lite-Brite, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, and dozens of other iconic toys and games. Page 40

» Industrial Design for Makers by Bob Knetzger

How to make your project better through intelligent design. Page 44

» Extreme Makeovers by Brian Melani, Dan Spangler, Max Eliaser, Eric Chu

How MAKE overhauls projects … Page 54

» Good Design Gets Out of the Way by Dale Dougherty

Arduino's Massimo Banzi on interaction design. Page 56

» The Flora by Limor Fried, Phillip Torrone

Adafruit's new wearable electronics platform. Page 61

» Delighting in Delivering Light to the World by Rick Schertle

D.Light Design makes an efficient, affordable solar lantern for people in developing countries. Page 62

» The Buckaroo Banzai by Steven Kotler

Dezso Molnar elevates flying motorcycles from fiction to fact. Page 64

» The $100 Secret Room by Crazy Talk

Rule number one of having a secret room: don't tell people you have a secret room. Page 70

» Unreasonable Rocketeers by Charles Platt

The new space race is maker-made. Page 72

Icon for Slideshows and Extras » The Island of Magnificent Toys by Gregory Hayes

Toy sculptor Scott Hensey in our new video series, "Make: Believe." Page 78

» The Case for Good Design

Monster MIDI
Magical Soldering Unicorn
Block Party
Warm Hand Shake
Big Deal
Eco Print & Build
Toolbox Boombox
Widescreen Wonder
Queen of Hacks
Enticing Enclosures Page 80

Skill Builder

» Get Started with BeagleBone by Matt Richardson

Got a project too big for a microcontroller? This embedded Linux board offers powerful features in a small package. Page 86


» Nellie Bly Smoker by William Gurstelle

Make a hot/cold food smoker from a 55-gallon steel drum. Page 94

» Catapult Glider Launcher by Rick Schertle

Fling your Rocket Glider or other toy aircraft 150 feet into the sky! Page 104

Icon for Slideshows and Extras » Computer Printer Salvage by Thomas Arey

PC Load Letter?! Over 200 useful parts for free! Page 108

» Keyless Lock Box by Gordon McComb

A wave of your finger opens this magic treasure chest. Page 110

» Awesome Button by Matt Richardson

A hardware solution to help you when a synonym for “awesome” doesn’t come to mind immediately. Page 118

» Laminar Flow Water Fountain by Phil Bowie, Larry Cotton

Make a cheap, high-tech nozzle to eliminate turbulence and create incredible water effects. Page 124

» World Control Panel by Steve Lodefink

Global domination for the young evil genius. Page 134

Heirloom Technology

» Composting Toilets Made Easy by Tim Anderson

Poop in a bucket, save the Earth. Page 139

Remaking History

» Levi ben Gershon and the Jacob's Staff by William Gurstelle

Build the clever instrument that told sailors their latitude for 200 years. Page 142

Country Scientist

» Making Synthesized Music from your Data by Forrest Mims III

The MusicAlgorithms web tool displays a piano keyboard over a range of selectable options for instrument selection, tempo, and volume. A pointer on the scale below the keyboard keeps track of progress. Page 144

Toys, Tricks, and Teasers

» Screwy Light by Donald E. Simanek

Use throwaway 3D movie glasses to experiment with linear and circular polarized light. Page 148


» Little Big Lamp by Charles Platt

Add bright lighting to your space with powerful LEDs housed in PVC. Page 152

Dangerous Things

» Burn Things with a Magnifying Glass by Gever Tulley

Harness the awesome power of the sun. Page 159


Icon for PDF of Article » Color Racer by Saul Griffith

Make and play this board game based on the primary colors! Page 160

What I Made

» Coffee Holder Made From Coffee Stirring Sticks by Scott Bedford

A caffeine-inspired coffee bean-shaped coffee holder made from coffee-stained coffee shop stirring sticks. Page 162


» Toolbox

Hand drills, USB microscopes, butterfly scissors, and more! Page 166

Toy Inventor's Notebook

» Hack in a Hat by Bob Knetzger

A fun game-in-a-hat! Page 176