Vol. 23: Squelette, the Bare-Bones Amplifier

Squelette is a see-through amplifier that sounds ridiculously good while showing off your soldering (it looks nothing like a typical audio product).

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Correction for page 73 [Edit Errata Record]
The Materials list describes the wrong perf board; the correct one is RadioShack #276-147, which has solder pads on one side and measures 4-1/2" x 6-5/8". Also, the total materials cost was estimated at under $50, but this figure assumes that you have common components (resistors, capacitors, switches, etc.) already on hand. The cost will be significantly higher if you buy everything new and in small quantities.

The size of components can be important, as the PCB is a tight fit. We recommend choosing parts with these dimensions:

    Capacitors, electrolytic (voltages can be higher than indicated):
  • C201, C202: 4,700µf 25V, 7.5mm lead spacing and 18mm diameter (2)
  • 100µf 25V, 2.5mm lead spacing, 6mm diameter or smaller (4)
  • 22µf 25V 2.5mm lead spacing, 5mm diameter or smaller (2)
    Capacitors, film:
  • 1µf 25V or higher, 15mm lead spacing (2)
  • 0.1µf 25V or higher 10mm lead spacing (4)
  • 0.22µf 25V or higher, 9mm lead spacing (2)
  • 1 ohm, 1 watt metal film or metal oxide, 10mm body (2)
  • 22K (4) any type, 6mm body or less
  • 220K (2) any type, 6mm or less
  • 1K (2) any type, 6mm or less

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