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» Open, Sesame by Mark Frauenfelder in Welcome

The fun of remote control. Page 1

» Are You the Scanner or the Barcode? by Cory Doctorow in Make Free

Would you rather be emitter or sensor? Page 10

» Connect with Makers Online by Gareth Branwyn in Tales from the Web

Make a connection and share your story. Page 11

» Celebrate the Machinery by Saul Griffith in Making Trouble

Capturing the promise of a new technology. Page 12

» Data Mining by Forrest Mims III in Country Scientist

How to analyze scientific data. Page 26

» Put Stuff in the Microwave by Gever Tulley in

Experiment with electromagnetic radiation in the kitchen. Page 166

Made on Earth

» Cardboard Carbon Neutral by Arwen O'Reilly Griffith

Chris Gilmour's cardboard sculptures. Page 18

» Rocking on Eggshells by Megan Mansell Williams

Mini speakers made of eggshell. Page 20

» Trebuchet Tossables by William Gurstelle

Kurt Modert and his friends built a giant trebuchet. Page 21

» Network Tormentations by Laura Kiniry

Constraint City is a fetish-inspired piece that explores the realm between public and private space. Page 22

» Manga on Wheels (with Snacks) by David Battino

Japanese story card theater. Page 23

» Explosive Stuff by Annie Buckley

Felipe Barbosa transforms common objects into unexpected works of art. Page 24

» A Reel-Time Clock by Bruce Stewart

Reel Time tells time in pieced-together English sentences, displayed on rolls of 35mm film. Page 25


» Sculpting Circuits with Conductive Dough by AnnMarie Thomas

Electric play dough. Page 78


Icon for Slideshows and Extras » Seriously Heavy Metal by Goli Mohammadi

Engineer and musician Tristan Shone conceives and machines instruments that extrude deep, dark sounds rich with texture and emotion. Page 30

» Under a Blue Tarp by Gever Tulley

Building a hang glider from scratch. Page 38

» Inside Out by Laura Cochrane

The inner beauty of appliances. Page 39


Icon for Downloadable Resources » Lawnbot400 by J.D. Warren

Make an Arduino-controlled R/C lawn mower. Page 42

» Mind Surfer by Mark Ulrich

This Wiimote hack will convince your friends you've broken the mind-machine barrier. Page 52

Icon for Downloadable Resources » Easy Home Control Via Web Chat by Lee von Kraus

Switch stuff at home from anywhere, with this screen-to-photosensor hack. Page 57

Icon for Downloadable Resources » How to Make a Motion-Sensitive Camera Trap by Tom Igoe

Build a camera trap (hidden automated camera) for wildlife observation. Page 60

» The Automatic Chicken Coop by Alan Graham

Build a henhouse motion detector that notifies you when your brood arrives safely in their coop each night. Page 64

» TV-B-Gone Hoodie by Becky Stern

Covertly turn off televisions with the tug of a zipper. Page 68

Icon for Downloadable Resources » Hacking R/C Power Outlets by Andrew Wedgbury

Inexpensive wireless home automation. Page 70

Icon for Slideshows and Extras » Remote Control State of the Art by Gareth Branwyn

Inventors and enthusiasts from remote realms tell us what's on their radars. Page 75


Icon for Downloadable Resources Icon for Slideshows and Extras » Kitty Twitty Cat Toy by Marc de Vinck

Craft a cheery cat toy that sends tweets to update the world with your pet's activities. Page 80

Icon for Downloadable Resources » Double Pendulum by William Gurstelle

Build this simple device that exhibits chaotic behavior and makes an excellent science project. Page 92

Icon for Downloadable Resources Icon for Slideshows and Extras » Solar Tracking Platform by Thomas R. Hughes

Construct a turntable that follows the sun, maximizing solar cookers. Page 100


DIY: Toys

» LED Yo-Yo Caps by Eric Chu

Spin-activated lights for your butterfly. Page 113

DIY: Kitchen

» Homemade Goat Cheese by Wendy Tremayne

Fermenting your own cheese is easier than you think. Page 116

DIY: Music

» Headgear: 8-Mic MIDI Controller by Tristan Shone

Make your own octo-microphone USB/MIDI controller. Page 118

» Diddley Bow by One String Willie

Build the elemental slide guitar. Page 123

» Wind Your Own Guitar Pickups by One String Willie

Build a homemade electromagnetic guitar pickup. Page 127

DIY: Workshop

Icon for Slideshows and Extras » iPhone Screen Repair by Morten Skogly

Replace the broken glass of an iPhone 3G. Page 131

DIY: Home

» Extract Essential Oils and Fragrances by Sean Michael Ragan

Extract fragrances from your favorite plants, using steam. Page 135

» Resin Casting Belt Buckles by Jenifer Bryan

Make easy belt buckles with casting resing and your favorite art. Page 138

Build Notes

» Boiling Spaghetti Without Water by PES

How PES makes his stop-motion movies. Page 142


Icon for PDF of Article Icon for Downloadable Resources » Snowbound! by Lee D. Zlotoff

The creator of MacGyver challenges you: Get to safety before a snowstorm arrives! Page 146


» Howtoons: Shadow Puppets by Saul Griffith

Set the stage with paper. Page 148

Toys, Tricks, and Teasers

Icon for Slideshows and Extras » Puzzle of the Crowned Pulleys by Donald E. Simanek

Real-world problems in physics sometimes take quite a while to figure out, unlike the contrived problems in textbooks that must be solved by next week. Page 158


Icon for Slideshows and Extras » Executive Suite by William Gurstelle

Manhattan's Best Basement Shop. Page 163

Heirloom Technology

» Crooked Knife by Tim Anderson

The northern nomad's tool. Page 164

Remaking History

» The Oil Lamp by William Gurstelle

The cave dwellers of Lascaux and the oil lamp. Page 168


Icon for PDF of Article Icon for Slideshows and Extras » Spy Games by Michael H. Pryor

Spy Games Page 171


» My Servoelectric Guitar by Keith Baxter

Keith Baxter's servoelectric guitar. Page 176