Vol. 21: ESP/PSI Testing Lamp

Watch the universe play dice, by detecting random radiation.

By John Iovine

Photos by John Iovine

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Parts List:
4049 Hex Inverter
SW 1 On-Off Switch
Mini-Stepup Transformer
16MHz Xtal
GM tube
PIC 16F84 Microcontroller (20MHz)

C1 .0047uf 12v
C2 .01uf 12v
C3 100-330uf 12 v
C4 .01uf 1KV
C5 .01uf 1KV
C6 .01uf 1KV
C7 100-330uf
(2) 22 pF capacitors to 16MHz xtal

D1 1N914
D2 1N4007
D3 1N4007
D4 1N4007
D5 Bridge Rectifier
D10 1N5281B 200 V Zener
D11 1N5281B 200V Zener
D12 5.1 Zener Diode

D6 Red LED
D7 Green LED
D8 Blue LED
D9 Yellow LED

Resistors 1/4 watt
R1 4.3K ohm
R2 15k ohm
R3 5.6k ohm
R4 330K ohm
R5 3.3 mega ohm
R6 4.7k
R7, R8, R9, R10 33ohm
R11 1K
R12 10k

Q1 IRF830
Q2 7805 Voltage Regulator
Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6, Q7 2N3904 Transistor

Optional Case Plastic: $35.00

Components sold separately:

Mini GM Tube
Mini step-up transformer
16F84 Microcontroller Programmed
Printed Circuit Boards

+ Source code

+ HEX file

+ Original "Telephone to God" Instructable

+ Circuit schematic

NOTES: The schematic shows both external power in and a 9V battery; you can use one or the other to feed the voltage regulator, depending on whether you want the lamp plug-in or portable. If you use a battery, you can connect it through the bridge rectifier, like external voltage, or bypass it.

+ Video of ESP Lamp in action

(.WMV file)

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