Vol. 21: Intro To Scratch

Make your own games and animations, free and easy.

By Jeremy Kerfs

Photos by Jeremy Kerfs

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By Jeremy Kerfs

Dragon Game (.sb)

Arrow keys - move the cat around.
Mouse - aim the cat
Click - fire a missile

Touch the dragon eggs before your lose all of your lives. Every time a dragon touches you, you lose a life and every time you touch the brown border, you lose a life. The heart gives you an extra life.

Platform Game (.sb)

Left and right arrow keys - side to side movement
Up arrow key - jump

Touch the finish sign before getting hit by a monster. A single hit from an enemy kills you.

Scratch to EXE Conversion
Create runnable files for people who don't have Scratch installed (Windows only)

Jen's EXEScratch

S65's Scratch2EXE

Recipe from Scratch Forums moderator JSO
This uses a relatively unknown Windows utility called IExpress Wizard, which steps you through the creation of self-extracting, auto-launching application packages.


Scratch home
Learn Scratch - dedicated to the students and teachers who want to learn Scratch
Young Programmers Podcast
Scratch for Budding Computer Scientists

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