Vol. 19: Speed Vest

Make a lightweight night-cycling vest that displays your current speed in glowing, 7-inch-tall numbers easily visible to cars.

By Mykle Hansen

Photos by Mykle Hansen, Ed Troxell, Noah Webb

Illustrations by Timmy Kucynda

+ Downloads & Extras:

Code, templates and tutorials for the Speed Vest Project

Step 1. Atomic Salad's excellent ProtoShield assembly tutorial

Step 2. Schematics

Step 3c. EL Wire test code: Test_EL_Digits.pde

Step 4b. Digit template stacked_numbers_template.pdf

Step 5a. Finished project code speedo_4.pde

More Resources

Video of the Speed Vest in action

Mikey Sklar's EL wire project article - this is where I learned how to drive EL wire with a microcontroller

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