Vol. 19: My Robot, Makey

Build this simple autonomous robot that’s programmed to follow objects around.

By Kris Magri

Photos by Ed Troxell, Sam Murphy

Illustrations by L-dopa.com, Nik Schulz

+ Downloads & Extras:

Makey project schematic, templates, and code

Step 1a. PDF templates

Step 3c. Tutorial: ProtoShield Assembly and Use

Schematic Diagram (PDF)

Step 5g.Test programs (PDE)

Advanced programs (PDE)

Videos of Makey in Action

Video 1 (6MB .mp4 file)

Video 2 (2.3MB .mp4 file)

Video 3 (750KB .mp4 file)

Video 4 (3.3MB .mp4 file)

MAKE: AMENDS Errata for This Article


Correction for page 79
The 0.1µF capacitor is Jameco part #151116, not #15229. Thanks to reader Joseph E. Mayer for catching the error!

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