Vol. 17: The Stealth Mic

Disguise an inexpensive binaural microphone as ordinary earbuds.

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Recommended Recordings
Made with binaural mics:

  • Can: Flow Motion
    These Krautrock experimenters rarely disappoint, and this 1976 release featured mixes using a dummy head technique.
  • Radiohead: In Rainbows
    The recent release by this era's answer to Can uses elements that were recorded with binaural mics.
  • Alvin Lucier: Bird and Person Dying
    The infamous academic composer Lucier created this work by pairing a solo performer wearing binaural mics with a toy that featured an electronic birdcall. The binaural mics were connected to a loudspeaker system and the performer moved his or her head around the toy, greatly changing the sounds being generated by the toy. (There's an MP3 of this piece at ubu.com/sound/aether.html.)

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