Vol. 16: 24 Hours of Make: Television

Building a TV show is a project in itself.

By Dale Dougherty

Photos by Matt Blum

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Make: television team bios

Richard Hudson of TPT is the maestro of Make: television. A former opera director, Richard produced Newton's Apple at TPT in the 90s and currently produces a science program for kids called DragonFly TV. "My job is to worry about everything," he says about his role as executive producer.

Series producer Michael Smith is one of the key people working with Richard. Michael's been creating and producing television shows for more than 20 years, beginning with The Do It Yourself Show on PBS in the 80s and including Free Wheelin', an automotive series on Speedvision, and New Spaces on HGTV.

John Park moves comfortably back and forth between constructing animated characters for a Disney movie and creating projects that have appeared in MAKE magazine. "I got tired that everything I built existed only on a computer," he says. "I also wanted to make things that were real, not just virtual." John credits his mom for developing his interest in making things. "We were always doing creative and useful projects together."

John is married with a son, age 5, and a daughter, 2. He believes having kids has taught him to have the kind of patience required for a TV production. He enjoys what he's doing, and sharing it with others, and this comes across as naturally on a TV screen as it does in person.

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