Vol. 14: The Machinist's Phonograph

This time-tripping player handles all cylinder record formats.

+ Downloads & Extras:

Plan drawings (PDF)

To see videos of the Machinist’s Phonograph in action, and to hear cylinder music dating from 1898 to 1917, check out my website: http://home.cogeco.ca/~krmaybery/The%20Machinist1.htm

Further information on phonographs and cylinder recordings can be found from various sources: The Phonograph Makers pages is a good internet source to start with. There are also collectors clubs and societies. The California Antique Phonograph Society, The Canadian Antique Phonograph Society, to name but two from a multitude. There are also music archives such as: The University of California Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project ,Trevor Hill’s Cylinders on the Web and Tinfoil.com

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