Vol. 08: Pummer, Dude!

Part robotic plant life, part techno-sculpture, these desktop toys are easy and fun to make.

+ Downloads & Extras:

Here are a few key resources that will tell you what you need to know and point you where you need to go for more on pummers and parts.

As always, our friends at Solarbotics are a recommended source for BEAM-related robotics. They have all the parts you need for building pummers. Solarbotics also sells a pummer kit, the HexPummer, and has free building instructions for “BEP Project 1: The Pummer,” a one-LED pummer using the circuit shown in this article.

Hobbyengineering also has many of the parts you need, including the 24mmx33mm solar cell and 1.0 Farad Aerogel “super caps” that can be used for power storage.

Solarbotics.net - This BEAM community portal has lots of info on pummers in the Library and Circuits sections, as well as pics of builders pummers in the Gallery and on individual builders’ sites.

BEAM Discussion Group - A great place to ask technical questions of fellow BEAMers.

See more of Zach DeBord’s gorgeous BEAM creations on his home page.

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