Vol. 04: Made On Earth

Amazing things your neighbors build in their basements.

+ Downloads & Extras:

+ Beatbox

The Beatbox is a physical, programmable drum machine, designed and made by Andy Huntington. This demo video shows only some of the system's capabilities.

+ Hear Lim's Harpsichord

Hear Henry Lim's LEGO Harpsichord!

+ See the LEGO Harpsichord in action

This very short movie shows Henry Lim's harpsichord being played.

+ String Thing Sound Clip (1 of 4)

+ String Thing Sound Clip (2 of 4)

+ String Thing Sound Clip (3 of 4)

+ String Thing Sound Clip (4 of 4)


Official Site of the Art-o-mat Project

See a video clip and hear the String Thing prototype testing (wmv, 32mb).

The full contest site.

Updates with lots of pictures on the design process.

Displays a possible finished design for the car.

Specs on Henry Lim's harpsichord.

Pictures of all Henry Lim's work.

The official beatbox site.

Info and pictures concerning Maria's work.

Explains StringThing's construction with lots of images.

Official site for OneFreeMinute, including multimedia content of the mobile sculpture in action.

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