Vol. 04: Kits For The Holidays

Our guide to the coolest kits to make and give.

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More Kits for the Holidays

In MAKE 04 we featured some great kit gift ideas in the article, Kits for the Holidays. But we didn't have room for all the kits we found, so here's another round for elves with makers on their list.
by Arwen O'Reilly Griffith; October 20, 2005 | Technorati | del.icio.us


The Heathkit Catalog can be found here.

Crystal radio kit.

Place to find all sorts of useful kits.

Software to produce any 3D object.

A downloadable PDF with instructions.

Kit to make the unusual instrument, the theremin.

Simple-to-make canoes.

Complete home brewing kits for beginning brewers.

If you don't want to make the hard stuff, try brewing your own root beer.

Some like it hot! Kit to make your own hot sauce.

Make your own chocolate from scratch kit.

Kit for making cheese.

For more forays into forensic science.

Place to find the Discovery DNA Explorer Kit.

Hologram kits.

More robot kits.

More robot kits.

The place to find the Kranius and other kits.

The Solarbotics site.

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