Vol. 04: Circuit Bending

Modify a Casio keyboard (or other electronic audio stuff) and start playing some of the strangest sounds you've ever heard.

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From: "ZAGIPNOTIZIROVAVSHEMUSYA," 2005. Instruments: Various bentstruments edited and effected in Adobe Audition.

+ Cremasterer VS. Numerator Part II by Adrian Dimond - XDUGEF

From: "TBD," 2005. Instruments: Cremasterer (Bent DODFX70), Numerator (bent Speak & Learn).

+ Field Without Fur by Sabastian Boaz

From: "Warm Feeling," 2001. Instruments: Casio SK-1, Creatoy red train, Bontempi keyboard.

+ Greater Then, Less Then by Sabastian Boaz

From: "Sabby Inside You," 2002. Instruments: Talking wristwatch, Creatoy yellow train, Speak & Spell.

+ Later Alligator by Sabastian Boaz

From: "Warm Feeling," 2001. Instruments: Ecio 377 audio generator, toy megaphone/vocoder.

+ Marie by Sabastian Boaz

From: Unreleased, 2003. Instruments: Bontempi keyboard.

+ MEGA-BIGHT by Adrian Dimond - XDUGEF

From: "ASDFHAKSFHAFSOSAUF," 2005. Instruments: Numerator (bent Speak & Learn), Xplayer (bent CD player), Talking Whiz Kid Plus Digitech Delay, Ken Stone ring modulator.

+ Trans-Message by Sabastian Boaz

From: "Head Drone," 2005. Instruments: Casio VL-1, Yamaha PSS-110.


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Circuit-Bending: Build an Incantor

Build an Incantor, a classic circuit-bending project that turns an old Speak & Read toy into a looping, stuttering, sound effects synthesizer.
by Reed Ghazala; October 24, 2005 | Technorati | del.icio.us

Circuit-Bending: External Controllers

Add a port and two plug-in-able external controllers to the circuit-bent SK-5 keyboard project in Make 04.
by Sabastian Boaz, Cristiana Yambo; October 24, 2005 | Technorati | del.icio.us


Circuit bending supplies

Sabastian Boaz and Cristiana Yambo's circuit-bending blog

Independent Edition / Label: focused on a transgressive design of ideas, objects and media communication. The publishing line is characterized by periodic issues, released in limited collectable editions, and free download.

Bent Monkey Cage, a California AUDIO Odditorium of NOISE Bent Monkey Cage and OX (ZERO X) CIRCUIT Fracturing CIRCUIT BENDING LIVE Noise Performances on the West Coast USA. [BENTMONKEYCAGE@aol.com] Syncopated Industrial NOISE—Gated and Mixed —Chaotic Parasitical AUDIO Induction. Live NOISE Performances the Circuit Fracturing CAGE SYNOPSIS, briefed. BMC’s cage fracturing approach to circuit bending, is totally different than all that is on the Internet, in that their AUDIO idea generator is 3’rd generation trained. bMc implicitly “knows” the constraints of the sutured electronic audio device, be it keyboards, electronic musical instruments, synthesizers, and/or audio children’s musical and talking toys. Given the right level of noise (corrupted electron flow)- something BMC adds to the hidden layer of a neural circuit network - the network generates anomalied possibilities without wasting time on clearly unworkable solutions. These possibilities are random at first injection, but constant with the use of loop persuasion and sampled or freeform antics..... These patterns or loops, are known as a tempo trajectory spin, (a path, progression, or line of development resembling a physical trajectory that resembles a circle or LOOP) and it can be specified by the user, performer, or simply left up to the device to set, from a selection of pre-programmed manufactured modes. For our test, we let the device set its own trajectory (evil as it can be). Then we use observed matrixed connect grabs with electrical components (conductors, semiconductors, and/or pretender conduction) to corrupt the flow of emphatic audio anomalations. Thus we use the term BENT MONKEY CAGE Controlled Audio Circuit Anomalations or CACA-to create SIN, Syncopated Industrial Noise for the planets weary and musical deprived state. Also look us up on eBay under bentmonkeycage, offering a Circuit Bending guide for pennies.

Home to Bill T Miller's collection of bent toys created by various benders and played by BTM in his ORGY OF NOISE music @ orgyofnoise.com + assorted BenderLinks and photos of Bent2004 & 2005 festivals.

Board scans and sound samples of circuit bent toys by fishtape.

Helpful forum for circuit bending.

The last Sunday of every month, the Rubber Monkey Puppet Company hosts a circuit bending workshop that teaches both the fundementals to newbies, as well as advanced think-tankings to the experienced.

Discussion group for circuit bending.

Discussion group for circuit bending.

Discussion group for circuit bending.

Discussion group for circuit bending.

Addition bending and noise art site.

Addition bending and noise art site.

Reed Ghazala's site.

The West Coast hub for noise and sound art.

The Tank in NYC is a major epicenter for bending.

Site to find a modified Howdy the Talking Pony.

A place to find modified toys like dancing daisy toys and the talking fish Billy Bass.

Adrian Dimond's site.

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