Vol. 03: Hardwired iPod

Want a better way to play MP3s through your car stereo than using an FM transmitter or a cassette adapter? Cut the static by connecting your iPod to your stereo's aux jack.

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iPod Aux Adapter Sources

Most adapters give you limited control of your iPod via the receiver. Some brand name car stereo companies have adapters that will show artist/song information on the receiver's display. They range in price from $100-$500.

  • mp3yourcar.com
  • theistore.com
  • crutchfield.com
  • installer.com
  • logjamelectronics.com
  • monstercable.com

    Pros: Charges batteries, best sound quality. Cons: Expensive, and installation can be difficult for certain cars, receivers, and adapters.

    + LINKS

    iPod integrated docking station

    I reverse engineered the CD interface to the Mazda Protege and connected my MP3 player directly - sounds great! Note that this mod will only work for the Mazda interface, buy it may be useful for others to look in to.

    The PodBuddy offers FM transmitting, power, and mounting.

    The $30 SiK imp iPod charger has line level audio output.

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