Vol. 03: StompBox: Mobile Hotspot

Turn your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot, then use GPS and webcam input to map your current location online and auto-generate a photo travelog.

+ Downloads & Extras:

NOTE: The article mentions scripts for vehicle tracking. The scripts changed drastically due to the Gmap APIs being released.  Tor will have them up within a week on the stompboxnetworks.com site, barring any unforseen delays, and we'll add them to this page as soon as they're available.


You may have all parts needed to build your own EVDO router!

Download and directions for a ready-to-go "disk image" for the CF card.

MAKE: AMENDS Errata for This Article


Correction for page 67
There is one missing word in the sidebar at the bottom of the page, "Adding a Webcam." The missing word is "script."

The complete sentence should be

Change the interval by editing the file etc/cron.d/getcam and add cameras by duplicating the script."

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