Vol. 03: Made on Earth

Reports from the world of backyard technology, including a shopping cart go-kart, the "Solar Death Ray," a demolished house sculpture, a gas tank bass instrument, and some seriously big speakers.

+ Downloads & Extras:

The Shopper Chopper: when shopping cart meets lawnmower motor, hilarity ensues. Photo by Michael Dowling.
The Kleinhorns are a massive speaker project by Nelson Pass. Of his first foray into "big horn systems" 33 years ago, Pass says, "No matter where we pointed it, the cops showed up every time." Photo by Nelson Pass.

+ Shopper Chopper Part 1

Here's a video of the Shopper Chopper in action!

+ Shopper Chopper Part 2

The Shopper Chopper zooms across the parking lot.

+ Shopper Chopper Part 3

The Shopper Chopper races!


The shopping cart go-kart that Michael Dowling and Noam Davidson built.

Nelson Pass and his seriously big sound system, affectionately called the Klein Horns.

Gas tank stand-up bass instruments made by Ezra Daly.

Inversion, a sculpture built into and out of a demolished house in Houston, Texas, by Dan Havel and Dean Ruck.

Andrew Argyle's collection of clocks made from nixie tubes.

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