Vol. 03: Roll Your Own Ringtones

Why waste money on ringtones when you can use your audio collection?

+ Downloads & Extras:

Looking for some copyright-free tunes and sounds to fill your cellphone? Internet Archive and Common Content have gigs of audio you can sample for non-commercial use, like making ringtones. Check out the links below.


A collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds.

Common Content is a catalog of works licensed in the Creative Commons, available to anyone for copying or creative re-use.

A community committed to providing the highest quality live concerts in a lossless, downloadable format. The Internet Archive has teamed up with etree.org to preserve and archive as many live concerts as possible for current and future generations to enjoy. All music in this Collection is from trade-friendly artists and is strictly noncommercial, both for access here and for any further distribution.

An excellent, free sound recording and editing application that can export MP3s into the WAV format.

Third party software for the Treo 600 and 650.

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