Vol. 03: Making Biodiesel

The best way to learn how to make your own backyard biodiesel is to start with a one-liter batch. It's easy to make a small batch that will work in any diesel engine. You won't need any special equipment--an old juice bottle will serve as the "reactor" vessel--and on such a small scale, you can quickly refine your technique and perform further experiments.

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This article is partly based on a series of articles by Maria "Mark" Alovert that first appeared here.

To test for the presence of glycerin, you can use the Gly-Teck test kit, which detects leaked anti-freeze in motor oil.

High-volume operations can buy a $31,000 glycerin-purification distiller here, which will convert dirty biodiesel glycerin into nice, clear, commercially valuable glycerin.

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Setting up a commercial biodiesel pump in your town.

Videos about alternative energy, including biodiesel, available for rent from technicalvideorental.com

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