Vol. 02: Focus

Boost your productivity by embracing procrastination. Or, why your web browser needs a hypothalamus.

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Once installed, you will be pestered every 5 minutes to make a case for your further web browsing. If your work is done, just cancel the dialog box and quit the app; if you’re not finished (and you really need to keep zipping around the Interweb a bit longer), insert a virtual nickel by typing a summary of what you’re working on.

Danny O'Brien has written a wonderful Greasemonkey script, as mentioned in our Issue #02 column. It pings you every few minutes to see if you still really need to be surfing the web, and it's wonderful.

Am inverse model of procrastination.

An essay on how to beat procrastination at its own game.

An AIM proxy that lets you build your own electronic reminder system.

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