Vol. 02: HDTV on Your Mac

Build a simple high-definition video recorder and beat the Broadcast Flag. All you need is a $10 antenna, a $175 decoder card, and some free software.

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On May 6, 2005, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals tossed out the broadcast flag In a unanimous decision. You can read more about the decision in EFF's web site.

We're glad that the FCC backed down on their deadline but one of the reasons they did is that people made enough noise about it. We wanted to help make noise as much as we wanted to make our own HD recorder That said, it's still good to have your own HDTV recorder. Who knows what tricks the broadcast industry will be up to? We do know that proponents at the MPAA will ask Congress for authority for the rule. Learn more about the broadcast flag and how you can help at eff.org/broadcastflag/.


Find out how to make a non-Mac HDTV viewer/recorder.

More info on making a non-Mac HDTV viewer/recorder

Point your browser to Antenna Web to find digital broadcasts in your area.

The DVICO website lists several vendors.

John Dalgliesh's website has most of the software you'll need.

In order to view HDTV, you'll need to install these device drivers.

iTele is a viewing application that lets you watch your HDTV programs.

Mplayer is a port of the Linux movie-viewing application.

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