Vol. 02: Retro Game Heaven: The Atari 2600 PC

After fitting a full-featured wireless PC system into an old Atari 2600 case, you can watch movies, surf the web, and play hundreds of retro games.

+ Downloads & Extras:

Source List

Here are links to sources for some of the more difficult to obtain materials.

Item w/Link Description
Stelladaptor Atari 2600 Controller-to-USB Interface. Designed by Pixels Past and available exclusively from AtariAge.
VIA Technologies EPIA Nehemiah M10000. Includes USB/Firewire backplane and ATA133 hard drive cable. Also available at mini-itx.com and accupc.com.
2.1mm ID, 5.5mm OD PCB-mount power jack.
1" wide double-sided foam tape. Exterior mounting, super strong.
PW-70 ATX power supply module. 70W, 12V DC-to-DC cableless converter for EPIA-M motherboards.
AC-DC switching power adapter. 12V, 5A power adapter for PW-70 power supply module.

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