Vol. 01: Made on Earth

Amazing things that ordinary people are making in their garages and backyards, including the Niles Monorail, steam locomotives, desktop trebuchets and guillotines, serious legos, a thermo-electric keg wrap, Meccano computing machinery, and more.

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A fiber-optic field of wheat transforms the Acropolis.

Driving by drawing.

If only Babbage had had Meccano...

Never waste another keg again.

Serious lego.

Bringing miniature seige weapons to everyone.

Model train lovers of the world unite!

The Niles Monorail.

MAKE: AMENDS Errata for This Article


Correction for page 19
In "Beer Blanket", we inadvertently put Case Western Reserve University in Pennsylvania instead of Cleveland, Ohio, where it has thrived since 1826.

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