Vol. 01: The 5-in-1 Network Cable

Nothing's worse for a network administrator than being without a needed cable. So I made a single cable to replace the five I used to carry. The result: no more tangles and no more scrounging for a missing link.

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Source List

Here are links to sources for some of the more difficult to obtain materials.

Item w/Link Description
DB9 female to RJ45 female modular adapters. These are the kind of adapters that let you configure your own pinouts.
Female pins for the DB9 connectors. Have a few extra pins on hand unless you are much more dexterous than me.
RJ45 modular plugs. Ditto on the extras just in case.
RJ45 coupler. The coupler must have all eight conductors. Be aware that many Ethernet couplers only have four.

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